You Are What You Eat.

I underestimated the truth behind this saying until my health was rocked by fibromyalgia. It was time to take a long, totally honest, look at what I was eating each day.

Let’s use the analogy of the sports car; would you ever knowingly put diesel in a petrol engine?
What would the consequences be if you did?
Would you expect the car to run at optimum performance?
No of course not…
The spark plugs won’t fire and the engine just won’t start. Before the car will work again, the whole engine has to be drained and cleaned.

So why on earth do we do this to our bodies and expect them to work at optimum performance?

Imagine the myriad of tasks we ask of ourselves every day. The stress and strains we put ourselves under whilst feeding our body with junk.
In the past, I skipped breakfast because I was late for work. Worked hard until lunch time and then rewarded myself with a coffee and croissant. Then worked hard until the end of the day and headed home to eat the fastest meal I could make, sometimes a pre-prepared meal, because I was so tired. After I was full, I would fall into bed only to wake up continuing the same routine. I used to see eating as just a necessary part of life and to be honest, a bit of a nuisance.

There were many other factors to fibromyalgia moving in, but I am sure my nutrition or lack of, played a big part. Nutrition is absolutely key to health and mental well-being.

There are many factors that cause chronic disease but bad nutrition is definitely right at the top of the list.

What you eat can either BOOST your immune system or damage it. As we head towards the holiday season, with tables laid full of sweets, cakes and other foods and drinks high in sugar, it’s so important to remember how damaging these can be and limit your intake or better still opt for healthier alternatives.

Excess Sugar

Eating excess Sugar is known to cause many chronic illnesses such as diabetes type 2, coronary heart disease, obesity and so many more. Sugar is also known to deplete important vitamins and minerals such as:

• Vitamin B,
• Magnesium
• Calcium

Deficiency in these vitamins and minerals will cause the immune system to be depressed making us more vulnerable to catching bacterial and viral infections. At the best of times these illnesses can totally throw life off balance, but with fibromyalgia they can be completely debilitating.

Ensure you are eating a healthy, nutrition packed diet all year round!

I will be adding more posts to the food and drink blog section very soon.

Have a wonderful, healthy day x

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