When One Door Closes Another One Opens.

During my worst crash which lasted for months and culminated in the start of cluster headaches (not sure whether it’s related to fibro or not), stuck inside the house for a few months, with very little mobility and severe pain, I found that I lost a couple of my closest friends.

My way of dealing with things that happen is to retreat and work through them rather than complaining to others.

At the time I was very hurt by this, which I believe added to the severity of my symptoms. I felt as though, all of a sudden, the people I had been therefore anytime they needed me, were no longer there for me and that was a real slap in the face.

The  repetitive monologue droned on in my mind; what I would say when or if they called…and they never have.   I really wasted my own time and drained energy by creating this film in my mind.  A splurge of negative energy surrounded me…definitely not conducive for better health!

It was time to take myself to one side and pull up my big girl pants! By stepping back and looking at the situation for a while, it occurred to me that people are in your life at certain times for a reason and that they may not always be there. Rather than think of the negative, I started to think of the positive times I spent with them, which definitely lightened my mood.

I also realised that I wasn’t limited to only having the friends that had now vanished. The world is full of amazing people to meet…it suddenly felt exciting. Since I stopped complaining to myself about my closest friends and looked towards the future, I have met some wonderful people who have become great friends.

It just goes to show that, ‘When one door closes another one opens.’
It’s important to add that this is not a personal attack on those friends (should they ever happen to read this), I truly wish them all the happiness in the world. I am writing this in the hope that when something that appears to be negative happens in life, you will have another perspective to use in order to reach out for the positive in life.

Have a wonderful, positive day x


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