When Nothing Is Going Right Go Left!


Thank God it’s Friday! It’s been one of those mornings. You know the ones where one mum is just not enough and I need at least another 5 mum’s to help…

The phone didn’t stop ringing, running around getting breakfast ready and trying to find the sock bag.  Every time I walk through the living room our guinea pigs squeak for food (I’m their food human and I don’t even have to speak they know the sound of my steps even if I tip toe).  Lucky the hamster, wants to have her morning run around in her ball. Then I hear a distant call from upstairs, ‘Mum where is my journal?’ and ‘Mum where is my tie?’ ‘Mum I can’t find my other shoe.’ Aghghgh, I forgot to make sandwiches for lunch and I forgot to breathe! I rush to the kitchen to prepare packed lunches ready for hungry stomachs, probably to be eaten at morning break time.

One son leaves for college and I pile the others into the car to get them to school on time (we’ll be very lucky). I can hear them bickering in the back of the car…honestly, they sound like niggly old men 😊.

Then silence! Breathe…Calm!

I think this is one of those learning curve days where nothing goes right so I have decided…’I’m going LEFT!’

Have a fab day xxx

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