Wake Up, Wake Up, Give Your Mum A Shake Up!

Another school morning and I have to get the boys up and ready, all chaos breaks loose. I used to wake up just before waking the boys up, giving myself no ‘me time,’ whatsoever. Despite thinking I was organised the night before…when theory turned to practice…long story short… I wasn’t!

‘Mum, the cereal’s run out.’ Or ‘I don’t like that one.’
‘Mum, I can’t find the sock bag.’ (I long gave up on sorting socks for 5 boys, now we have one sock bag and if we find a pair…jackpot!)
‘Mum, I only have one shoe.’ An Odd shoe…whaaat?

I’m waiting in the line for the bathroom and just as it’s my turn, another son comes from nowhere, asks for his tie and that’s it, I’ve lost my place in the que.

Finally, dressed, fed and ready to leave…well my sons are, I’m left barely standing, in my dressing gown looking as though I’ve just been thrown from the centre of a tornado. This was my morning routine for so many years (we still have our moments).

My energy was depleted before I even had a chance to get dressed.
You can very safely say, I needed to find a productive, calm way to set my day up.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, this book is definitely worth reading.

Changing my morning routine has been totally worth the effort. Some mornings are still a little mad, but that’s life. I have to say I love the peaceful, calm mornings…even the winter ones.

My Morning Routine
• Wake up at 5.45am (not so easy during dark, cold winter months but worth it)
• Stretch very gently, depending on pain levels (summer is always easier)
• Fresh Lemon Water (warm water, not hot) This is a great detox.
• Read something motivational to get my mind in the right place, and continue     my study.
• Check through my diary, just to remind myself of what lays ahead.
• Take my supplements.
• Bath using a few drops of lemon essential oil (one of my favourites out of      many).

After this routine I’m actually ready to face the boys head on and I’m no longer the living example of the Wild Woman of Borneo (most days anyway ).

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