The Power of Language

Do you realise how much of an impact your self-dialogue and the words you use in every day conversations have on your symptoms?

Your subconscious is listening to every single word you say and is constantly working hard to bring these directives about.

When I was told this a few years ago, I felt as though my coach was belittling the condition that I have. It felt as though he was saying, ‘it was all in my mind.’
I have also spoken to people who feel exactly the same way as I did, and it’s totally understandable. There are people (including doctors) out there who do believe that fibromyalgia along with other invisible conditions are psychosomatic. Only people that live with it, truly know, how debilitating the symptoms can be.

Once I put my critical mind to one side, (which is necessary at times to allow someone to help), I realised he was not belittling my condition at all, but gifting me with a very powerful tool to allow me to change how I was feeling every day…priceless!  Keeping my self-talk in check and watching the words and phrases I was using, took time and practice but I can safely say it is worth every single minute.

By focusing on the language that you use in conversations with others and your self-talk, it will make a huge difference to how you feel each day.
Start to become selective about the words you use to describe your condition. Always remember you are not your condition!

Knowing the influence your words have over your subconscious mind, imagine what directions you are giving it by describing yourself as a ‘sufferer’. This applies just as much as any other negative words you may describe your condition as.

Here’s a little exercise for you.
Take time during each day to focus on what you are saying to yourself and to others. Where are these negative words slipping  into your speech? Sit down and write a list of all the negative words you catch yourself using and simply change them for words that are more positive. Even by saying the words you will notice the difference in how they feel.

If you found this post useful, please do share it with others that will get benefit from it. Thank you x

Have a wonderful, positive day xx

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