The Birth of Fibro Flair – About Me

My life was completely turned on its head with the onset of fibromyalgia. I had no idea what was happening as all my tests were coming back pretty normal.
Four years later I was diagnosed  with fibromyalgia and I have to say knocked sideways. I had expected them to find something, give me a pill and I would recover…that wasn’t about to happen. I am a mum of six and there was no question of giving in to all the symptoms that were jumping in and out of my life.

Throughout life, I became  very good at push problems and emotions under the rug, and just getting on with life,  I tried to do the same with fibro. Needless to say, I ended up in a vicious circle of flares. I have to honest and say, my attempts to change my lifestyle were half hearted, mainly because I was just so exhausted all the time.

Then I plummeted into the worst flare I have ever had, until then I thought I had experience fibromyalgia at its worst…I hadn’t! I could barely walk for months. At best I would only sleep a few hours at night. I lost my appetite completely and the fibro fog was the straw that broke the camels back, I could barely string a sentence together.

In the middle of the  night I woke up with a headache the likes of which I have never experienced before in my life and was taken into hospital and diagnosed with cluster headaches. I hated how my life was progressing or not as the case maybe. Facing daily chores was like staring at Mount Everest. I retreated back from the outside world as I plummeted into depression, that ever-pressing weight that crushes everything positive in life. I started to take medication, but that just compounded the fibro fog, so I stopped. My life was truly in tatters.

This was not the way I wanted my life to be! I didn’t want my children to see me so ill and constantly down. I knew absolutely without doubt, I had to do something…Where to start…I had no idea.

Due to my involvement in network marketing, I had delved into an ocean of self-development training including a brief encounter with NLP, but had never thought of it as being a very powerful tool to help me control my symptoms. For some reason, I looked at it again. I learned a couple of techniques that proved to help the pain I was in. I suddenly saw a ‘light at the end’ of a very long tunnel!

I set to work and studied hard and qualified as an NLP Practitioner and I am currently studying to become a Master Practitioner.

The fundamental belief of NLP is: A person isn’t broken, they have all the resources internally to achieve what they want to achieve.

Suddenly, I realised  how many other people could I help regain their lives by arming  them with some of the most powerful NLP tools to bring about change and alleviate their symptoms I also realised just how many self-help techniques in terms of nutrition, exercise and natural remedies I had learned over the years. This was the birth of Fibro Flair.

Why did I call it Fibro Flair?

The vision of any flair for my life vanished  at some point during the many fibro flares I experienced, and that is a place I never want to revisit or see anyone else heading towards. Despite living with fibro, by using NLP and Mindfulness techniques, I can see the flair of life again…it’s exciting! I want other people to experience the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’  which is the reason for my blog.

I hope you get huge benefits from the advice I give here and please do remember, if you are worried about implementing anything I cover here, please do contact a medical doctor for advice.

If you would like to know more about NLP or would just like to chat please do contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Love and gentle hugs to you all x