The Birth of

What on earth  is happening to me? I’d always been healthy, hard working, busy but suddenly I found myself in pain, exhausted and experiencing a myriad of random symptoms.  

I went to see the doctor, as we all do.  My tests came back normal…nothing was wrong but I knew there was…I wasn’t imagining this.  

Several years passed, with more and more symptoms.  The lack of answers terrified me.  I’d grown up like so many others, with the belief that, If I am sick, I go to the doctor, he finds out what is wrong and then gives me medication to make me feel better. Not this time! 

Finally the diagnosis came…Fibromyalgia

I  got to learn…

Fibromyalgia does not fit neatly into the conventional medical model!

I was initially devastated!  I cried and cried and then cried some more after hearing there is no cure and no definitive treatment. So what now? 

I’m a mum of six and there was no question of giving in to all the symptoms that were rearing their ugly heads in my life.

But here lies the problem…Throughout  my life, problems and emotions got swept under the rug, life was just too busy and had to go on. I hadn’t listened to the numerous nudges my body was giving me telling me to stop!  Fibromyalgia didn’t accept this and needless to say I ended up experiencing a vicious circle of flares.  Being honest, any attempts I made to change my lifestyle were continued knocked back by shear exhaustion so were very half hearted at best.  

I thought I knew what life with fibro was until I plummeted into the worst flare I have ever experienced. I had no idea, until then, just how debilitating fibro could be.  I could barely walk for months. At best I would only sleep a few hours at night. I lost my appetite completely and the fibro fog was the straw that broke the camels back, I could barely string a sentence together. 

During this flare, a headache the likes of which I have never experienced before, woke me in the middle of the night.  I was taken into hospital and diagnosed with cluster headaches.  Where was the life I had known?  

Mount Everest confronted me daily in the forms of chores. I retreated back from the outside world as I fell into depression, that ever-pressing weight that crushes everything positive in life. For only the second time since being diagnosed, I took medication only to find it compounded the fibro fog and made no difference to my symptoms at all. My life was truly in tatters.

This was a defining moment for me, as I couldn’t imagine carrying on just existing, dragging from one day to the next. 

Due to my involvement in network marketing, I had delved into an ocean of self-development training including a brief encounter with NLP, but had never thought of it as being a very powerful tool to help me control my symptoms. For some reason, I looked at it again. I learned a couple of techniques that proved to help alleviate the pain I was in. I began to focus on what I did want rather than what I didn’t and suddenly saw a ‘light at the end of a very long tunnel.’  This gave me the space I needed to focus on my diet  and I studied vegan and vegetarian nutrition, to enable me to make better nutritional choices that would fuel great health rather than fuelling my symptoms. 

I set to work and studied hard to qualify as an NLP Practitioner and I am currently studying to become a Master Practitioner.  I am also studying holistic pain management as I have found this to be more beneficial than conventional pain management. 

Suddenly, I realised  how many other people I could help rebuild their lives by arming  them with some of the most powerful NLP tools to bring about change and ease their symptoms, as well as helping them to make nutritional changes and day to day self-help techniques.   This was the birth of Fibro Flair.

Why did I call my blog Fibro Flair?

The vision of any flair for my life vanished  at some point during the many fibro flares.   I never want to revisit that place again or see anyone else heading towards. Despite living with fibro, by using NLP, Mindfulness techniques, nutritional changes and exercise , I can see the flair of life again…it’s exciting!

The buzz comes when I can help others to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’  which is the reason for my blog.

It’s my belief that you will get huge benefits from the advice I give here but please do remember, if you are worried about implementing anything I cover here,  Do contact your medical doctor or your medical care team for advice before starting anything new. 

If you would like to know how I can help you with  NLP,  nutrition and self-help techniques, or would just like to chat please do contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Love and gentle hugs to you all  x


Loving life with three of my sons.