Soaking the Fibro Aches and Pains Away.

Magnesium Bath Soak (Epsom Salts)

I have focused on natural self-help methods since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   I have had to take medication at times, the pain levels were just too high to cope with in my  busy everyday life (we all know how busy life can get).

There’s nothing like a hot bath on a cold winter’s night or day for that matter. Warming all your muscles and alleviating the pain, helping to improve circulation, decreasing swelling and inflammation as well as relaxing and calming your mind.

My bath became my best friend years ago and a great way to alleviate pain. There are times when I take several baths a day to cope with the level of pain I am in, especially during the winter months.
A perfect addition to the relaxing hot water,(warm to hot, whatever temperature you feel most comfortable with), is a magnesium bath soak or maybe better known as Epsom Salts.

I find that soaking in a hot bath with magnesium and lavender for 20 mins or so works wonders…(I know when you have children this can be challenging. There was even a time when I woke in the middle of the night, it was actually 2am, with high pain levels so I went to have a bath and one of my children knocked on the door…whattt?).

Warning! Once I followed the instructions on the back of the packet and put in almost half the packet. I could barely make it to my room before crashing out for the night, the affect really was that strong. Always keep safe and make sure you never fall asleep in the bath, as tempting as it can be on occasions.

Curb Those Cravings

Did you know adding magnesium to your bath, allowing the magnesium to absorb through your skin, can also be away of stopping the cravings for chocolate, admittedly not as yummy.  There are times when we crave Chocolate, and this can be a sign of magnesium deficiency as  chocolate is  full of magnesium, So, it’s a double whammy helping with pain and alleviating cravings.

Magnesium Deficiency 

I have found several studies that show, it is common for people living with fibromyalgia, to have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium plays an important part in several different functions of our body, including inhibition and regulating the nerve receptors, of course we know, that this plays a strong roll in the symptoms of fibromyalgia, so it is key to ensure that our magnesium levels are good.

Easiest Way To Absorb Magnesium. 

One of the best ways and easiest ways for the body to absorb magnesium is through the skin.  As it is absorbed it goes directly into the bloodstream to relax muscle tissues as well as helping the body to release toxins from your skin. There are creams available on the market, but I haven’t used them as yet, so I am not sure how helpful they are, although I will be trying them soon and writing up in my blog, the results I get. I would love to know what results you have had, so do comment below.

If you have any other medical problems and/or are worried about using magnesium in the bath, as always please do check with your medical practitioner first.

Remember to take some ‘Me Time’ and look after yourself xx

Have a wonderful day x

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