Rid Yourself of Toxic People

It is critical to spend your time with uplifting, positive people.  Yes, we all have upsets, or something we are worried about at times in our life and need to speak with a close friend for advice. If they came to you, as a good friend, you would listen to them and help as much as you could. But…

If you are surrounding yourself with people that complain, bitch and moan about everything and everyone around them, this is a very different scenario.  Their negative energy will drag you down with them, no matter how positive you are.

As they continue to complain, you  will feel your  positive energy being sucked away.

Is this something you want?

How will this impact on your thoughts?

Moreover, how will this negativity impact on your symptoms and your general well-being?

Spend your time with positive, cheerful people that lift your energy and in turn lift your mood. This is always going to have a positive impact on your life and health.

Don’t be afraid to let toxic people go. If they happen to be family, as can be the case, limit the amount of time with them.

Have a positive, happy day xx


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