Restored Faith!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with fibro, but I really wanted to include it as it really moved me.

We hear so many negative things in the media about teenagers it’s really sad. So, I have another story to tell.

On Saturday morning my daughter went shopping and managed to lose her purse. Disaster to say the least! Everything was in it, her cards, money, travel tickets, gym pass, receipts for expenses she needed to claim back, literally everything!

She traced back her footsteps without finding her purse, needless to say, she was very upset. She did cancel her cards, but she couldn’t claim her expenses without receipts and it would cost her even more to replace certain cards.

As the evening passed it got colder and started to rain. My eldest son went out and within minutes there was a knock at the door. I thought he was coming back as the weather was bad, but it was a young teenager standing on the step. He asked if Sophie lived here and proceeded to pull out her purse.

Everything was there, not one thing missing. He had taken the time out of his evening to come all the way to where we live, to bring back the purse.

I doubt you will ever read this, but if by some chance you do…Keep being Awesome Amir!

Just goes to show that there are some truly awesome kids out there, it’s just a shame bad news sells and we rarely hear about them.

Have a wonderful, positive day xxx


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