How to Preserve Physical and Mental Energy.


Energy! Now there’s a million-dollar word.
I was never sure where my energy came from, I just took it for granted, as we do many things in life. My daily life consisted of working, housework, running around after 6 children, I would be on my feet from dawn till dusk plus some. Then after the boys went to bed would exercise for at least 30 minutes each night.

Then fibromyalgia set in…

Now energy is no longer something that just happens, I definitely don’t take it for granted. It is precious and pacing is key to fending off symptoms and even more exhaustion.

The tendency is, on a good day, to rush around and get everything done. Everything will wait! Even on the good days it is absolutely key to pace yourself, I know it’s frustrating especially being the control freak that I am.

We expend energy in several different ways:

Emotionally: Do you find yourself getting angry or upset with someone, perhaps your children are misbehaving?  Keep calm, step out of the situation (sometimes I have gone into the back garden and just sat quietly for a few minutes or locked myself in the bathroom…needs must).  If your kids are driving you a little, actually a lot crazy, breathe and collect your thoughts and then discuss with them where you think things are going a little pear shape. Use valuable energy to have fun with them rather than be upset with them.

Maybe you are hurt or upset by a friend or family member. You can use a lot of valuable energy being angry, upset or holding a grudge. Are you having conversation after conversation in your head with the person that upset you? I have definitely done this in the past. If you can, talk calmly with them and explain how you are feeling. If you are unable to talk to them for some reason, write it down, perhaps in letter form. You may never give them the letter, but once it’s down on paper, it is no longer draining your energy.

Mentally: Especially in todays busy world, with so much information around us all the time, it’s very easy to become drained mentally. With the added extra of fibro fog, day to day planning can become very challenging, on some days impossible. Choose the information you are going to take in. Step out from the day and meditate, even if it’s only for a 5 minutes. Chunk down activities you have to do and things you need to organise. Don’t get caught up online with endless websites (with the exception of this one of course), throwing out info all over the place to the point where you are so confused you don’t even remember what you were looking for in the first place. Give your mind…Time Out!

Physically: There’s always something else to do, isn’t there. Shopping, cooking, working, cleaning the house, running after children etc. etc. Prioritise the things you need to do. A messy house, if I am honest, still drives me nuts (look at the ceiling it’s always clean 😊).  I have to step back and know that it is not the be all and end all of everything if the house is untidy. Ask for help, I’m the first to say that I have always had a problem with this, but it’s important to acknowledge that you don’t have to do everything, even in good health, this is a challenge. Give yourself time out to rest…stuff will wait!

Have a wonderful day xx

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