‘Me Time’ In The Holiday

‘Me Time’ In the Holiday  The Easter holiday is upon us…umm…who called it a holiday?  Ok so there is no morning school rush which, I have to admit, is great but…there is very little peace and quiet at home.

Taking care of yourself should be an everyday practice but we forget, or don’t factor in ‘me’ time, or as is so often the case, we feel guilty. Why does the mention of ‘looking after yourself first,’ send people spinning into a cyclone of guilt? Because we are so used to putting everyone else first! 

During the holidays, ‘me time’ is so important, as we find ourselves running ragged around kids, friends and family.  Nurturing yourself must come first! 

 The effect of fibromyalgia can be debilitating, and yet we demand more form ourselves by giving our time and energy constantly to others. Give yourself a break…Nurture Yourself!

‘There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by my-self.’ – Brian Andreas.’

Time for a change.It does take time to cultivate the ‘me’ skill.Mindset is often the first block to nurturing yourself…’I don’t feel worthy.’

 Carve out some ‘No Compromise’ me time!  Give yourself time to recharge.  We tend to keep going until we can’t go anymore or find ourselves stuck in bed with a flare…Don’t get to this stage.  Stop before you Drop!

Remember nurturing yourself is key to your well-being…here are a few suggestions.

Days Out

If you are taking the kids out (depending on their age), go somewhere that you can just sit and watch them.  Recharge your energy while they wear theirs out!  The Park, soft play wherever it is just give yourself some time to rest while they play. Share responsibility take a break!

Share Responsibility

Take it in turns to take the kids out. Being a single mum, there was never a time when I could take a break.  This idea worked wonders, one day my friend would take my children out for the day, (or even a few hours was great), so I could rest. Then I would take hers out or to my home.  It gave both of us the break we needed to regenerate.

Relaxing Soak

Soak the Pains Away.I don’t compromise on this one…my hot bath!  Take time to relax in a magnesium bath, feel those aches and pains being soothed away.  


Meditation. I saw so many pictures of the perfect soft pastel coloured room, filled with candles, flowers and curtains blowing in the breeze…Not in my world.  My world is pure chaos, 5 boys will do that to a home!  So, I grab what I can get, even if it’s a few minutes locked in the bathroom or the garden (garden is preferable). The stress relief exercise is great to use, even if it is for a few minutes.  

Breathing is Your Best Friend!

The majority of people don’t breathe correctly, sounds nuts but it’s true. Especially when we are busy we tend to breathe ‘shallow’ and rapidly.  This will induce more anxiety and in turn more symptoms.  ‘Tummy breath.’  If you watch a young baby breathe you will see its tummy rise and fall, this is the correct way to breath.  Breath in through your nose for the count of 4, close your eyes and imagine the air passing into your lungs and down into your tummy.  Hold it for just a couple of seconds, then breath out for the count of 6 through your mouth.    

Movie Night

Catch up with your friends. It doesn’t have to be a night on the town…(I’ve actually forgotten what that means), it could be a calm movie night at home.  Laughing is great medicine so make sure it’s a comedy!

Nurturing Nutrition

Ensure you are eating foods that fuel your health, it’s all too easy to grab the first thing when you are busy.  If you are going out during the holiday, the last thing you need is to come home and cook.  Planning ahead is the key. I batch cook, then freeze the extra portions. This means there is always something nutritious to eat ready and waiting. 

Be patient with yourself Holidays can be very busy, you are running around trying to keep everyone happy. I used to get frustrated with myself trying to do lots of things at once and I just couldn’t.  Don’t beat yourself up! If you need help preparing lunch or tidying up…just ask!  Take things step by step, and stay calm, getting upset or frustrated will only cause symptoms to flare.

Say ‘No’ How many times have you said ‘Yes’ then had a grrrrr moment because you really wanted to say, ‘No’. Learn to drop the guilt that tags on to the word ‘no’.  I found that I was reactive to fibro rather than proactive. 

Pacing yourself is so important. Does this resonate?  I’m having a good day, so I’m going to squash as much in as possible.Next day…I’m in so much pain, can’t think, can’t move. 

Plan each day, and the activities you will do but factor in rest time, even if it’s a good day.  You body will thank you for it! Friends and family will get used to the fact that, ‘This is Your Rest Time.’ This has made a huge impact on my symptoms.  Just taking 15 minutes (you can take a longer or shorter time, it has to be about what works for you), out of my day in the morning and evening no matter how well I felt made all the difference.  When I say rest, I mean truly rest.  No TV, books, laptop, phone…nothing I just close my eyes and rest. If you find your mind filling up with every random thought in the universe, use the stress exercise to help.

I know things can pop up last minute in the holidays but plan as much as you can, the activities you are going to do with the kids, or friends and family. The better you plan the more you can pace.

Have a wonderful, fun & restful holiday xxx      

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