May Was A Month of Mayhem & Migraines

Firstly, a huge apology for the sudden disappearance and lack of posts. May was a month of mayhem & migraines…

Kids on trips, kids taking exams, sole falling of shoe, P.E. kit lost, bus pass lost…what’s the deal with boys?  They definitely live on a planet I don’t understand.  May brought with it a mountain of jobs to do as well as my continued study and assessments…following which, migraine arrived!  Migraines are rare for me, but this time was quite different. They were relentless!

Time to Stop and Listen!

Like so many people, for years I pushed through illness, fatigue even tried to push through flares, BUT I was only setting myself up for an even BIGGER FALL. 

Pain is our body’s way of saying STOP…Something is not right!  How often do we listen?  So, the body digs it’s heals in…the pain gets worse!

During the early days of fibromyalgia, I used to think of pain as the enemy that stopped me doing the things I needed to do. Now I believe its my greatest ally! Why?  Because it forced me to stop and look at my lifestyle and how I was treating myself both physically and mentally. 

My journey has been one of trial, error more trial and success.  I would not say I am cured of fibromyalgia, but my quality of life is far greater than perhaps it’s ever been. BUT I know all too well if I start to neglect myself and ignore signals fibro will give me a kick!  So, May was a time to step back a little and reduce my working hours to take care of myself and my family and all the demands they fire at me. 

Daily life can get manic. Saying No can feel so awkward (but so liberating when you lose the awkwardness). We push ourselves even further to help others, but in order to heal it’s key to listen to the signals your body is sending you…

Nurture yourself and give yourself the break you would give others! 

Have a wonderful day x

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