Light Bulb Moment!


Who said miracles never happen? My blog is up! Well I may be a little greyer than before I started, but it’s live! Have to give a big shout out to, James Stafford, and his Youtube video, ‘How to Make a Blog 2018, without it, I would never have managed. As you’ve guessed, I am a technophobe but I’m facing the fear and doing it anyway!

So why start a blog? It’s really come as a result of the most challenging year yet since I was diagnosed. Usually I have a bad turn during the winter months and as the weather gets warmer is subsides…Not this year! Then fibro’s friend, cluster headache decided to move in too.

I lived in  the land of ‘stuck’ for quite some time, closing the rest of the world out, and just coping with day to day chores…some days anyway. I felt so depleted, exhausted, angry and I’m sure the list could go on. I couldn’t walk very well and my loyal stick was always at my side.

Even though I know fibro is not my fault I really felt as though I was letting everyone down which really didn’t help my symptoms…a slippery spiral down.
As the summer holiday edged closer and closer, I dreaded not being able to do anything with my sons over the holiday and knew that I absolutely had to pull myself out of the fibro abyss.

NLP and I had bumped into each other, on several occasions in the past, but for some reason I didn’t think to use it to help manage my pain, ‘Ping…Light Bulb moment!’ I started to use several of the techniques to help myself. I will say this now, it is not a cure (I get pretty fed up with all the people who offer pills, creams and therapy as a cure), but I did get moments in the day with no pain which gave me a bit of a boost I can tell you, enough to realise that I can help others too. I am a qualified NLP practitioner and after realising the benefits for pain management, I am now studying my Master Practitioner course…it’s exciting! I also realised that I have learnt and used so many different self-help techniques over the years that I could pass them on to others that are also suffering with this invisible illness. What’s more rewarding than knowing you are helping others? So that’s where the idea for the blog started.

I hope you will love the blog and find huge benefit in the things I am sharing!

Have a fab day xxxx

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