‘Just Be’

‘Just Be.’  

Life is usually so busy, I find that I need time to completely relax (that’s generally not at home, can you imagine the noise level of 5 boys in the house).  I  love to immerse myself in nature.  

This is my place to breathe nature (the pic included in the blog).  It’s here that I can collect my thoughts together or just think about the beauty of what surrounds me.  

I love watching the trees with their vibrant burnished coloured leaves, that sway and dance in unison with the breeze. I gaze at leaf as it gracefully floats and spins towards the colourful carpet of leaves below. Nature is never silent, sounds all around me catch my attention. As I close my eyes, I almost mistake the sound of the breeze rustling through the leaves for the sound of the bubbling tide rolling back over the pebbles on the beach. 

A small grey squirrel, bounces his way through the long grass, his paws crunching the dead leaves, hunting for whatever he buried yesterday. He stops dead in his tracks, as he realises I am watching him.  He stands on his back legs, front paws raised on his fluffy white tummy, staring directly at me…then darts towards the nearest tree and in the blink of an eye, he’s spiraled his way to the top. The crows caw and the bright green parakeets squeal. I could sit here forever just watching and listening and feeling nothing but tranquility.   

I strongly believe, as part of healing, we need to take time to switch off and totally forget all the daily responsibilities we have in our life, even if it’s just for a short time each day.  Switch the mobile off, forget about the laptop or the television and ‘just be.’   

Have a wonderful, healthy day xxx  

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