Help Remove The Nasty Toxins With One Simple Routine.

What’s The Routine?

Dry skin brushing is a quick and simple pre-bath or shower routine that will help your body get rid of those nasty toxins and leave your skin looking healthy, soft and smooth as well as numerous health benefits.

Toxins Toxins everywhere…in our food, water, environment so it’s key to reduce the amount we consume into our body and help our body to detox.  Now I know that there is no solid evidence at this time, as to what causes fibromyalgia (we never know what’s around the corner), I do believe the toxins we come into contact with every day, do play a significant part in causing fibromyalgia and many other illnesses that are on a sharp rise.   Numerous health research reports also document the negative impact of toxins on health, especially research reports that I have read on fibromyalgia. 

How Does Dry Skin Brushing Help?

The way in which it helps fuels better health for everyone. Why?

I understand that it can help cellulite also, which is great because after 6 children, my tummy looks a little like Google Maps…definitely no street view needed here! To much info…next.

Why is Skin So Important?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ.  It’s your body’s first line of defence against infection. It is also responsible for helping to eliminate toxins from your body.  Especially at a time when the other organs that are responsible for detoxification are over-burdened, your skin will become overloaded resulting in eruptions and can lead to eczema or boils. Therefore, your skin actually reflects how healthy you are on the inside.

How Do I Dry Brush My Skin?

Never allow your brush to become wet. The best way is to stand undressed in order to brush your skin, but if that is challenging, you can sit down. Start from your feet upwards and use one gently brush over each area brushing in the direction of your heart.  When you reach your shoulders and chest brush downwards towards your heart.

Doesn’t it sound as though it would take ages and be a cumbersome routine?  I thought so but I found that it takes under a minute and it’s so worth the time for the benefits you will you see and feel.  

I use a long handled natural dry body brush, with a detachable head making it easier to reach those ‘difficult at the best of times’ places.  There are so many different styles and different brushes to suit everyone, but this is the one that I love from Amazon. You can see it here.

What I’ve Seen and Felt Since Dry Brushing

I know that it is relatively rare, but do you have the fibro itch?  It almost feels as though bugs are crawling on you and scratching makes not a jot of difference…the damn itch is still there.  I have to say since dry brushing I have definitely noticed a reduction in this weird symptom which is a relief to say the least. I have also noticed how much healthier my skin looks and feels which is a real bonus.   

Do you use dry brushing as part of your bathing routine?  If so, I would love to know what results you have seen and felt.  

Have a wonderful day xx

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