Loving Lavender

Lavender is one of my favourites (it’s the bee’s favourite too).  Anything containing Lavender is great with me.  My front garden is full of lavender and my back garden is following suit.  Lavender not only has a beautiful, relaxing aroma, it also has multiple health benefits such as:

Aiding good circulation

Alleviating stress and nervous tension

Improving good mood

Inducing restful sleep

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Ease join pain

Great for easing irritated skin

Dating back to ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and China, lavender has been used for its array of health benefits as well as its scent.

Now humans may love the smell of lavender, but mosquitos don’t so by using a little lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier can stop their cravings to snack on you!  You can also use a moisturiser containing lavender. 

Use lavender for an aromatic, calming, relaxing bath.

Use around 7 drops in your bath.  Essential oils can irritate the skin so it’s wise to mix it with a carrier oil even when you are adding it to your bath. Great carrier oils are:

  • Almond Oil,
  • Avocado Oil,
  • Coconut Oil,
  • Olive Oil (there are so many it’s going to be a separate blog).

Lavender is known to reduce nervous exhaustion. The best way to add essential oils to your bath is by adding after its run.  Then lay back, relax and inhale the calming aroma as it soothes the stresses away.

Lavender Tea

Have you ever tried lavender tea? It’s fab for fibro symptoms.  Reducing muscle spasms, reducing inflammation, reducing stress promoting a balanced mood, easing chronic pain, aiding restful sleep and reducing headaches. Why?  Lavender is high in vitamin A, calcium (another good one if you are giving up dairy), and iron. As well as linalool, phenolic compounds. 

How to make lavender tea.

You can purchase a variety of lavender tea bags, but it is so easy to make it yourself.


2-3 tbsp (depending on taste) of fresh lavender florets, chopped. (You can use dried lavender)

6-8 cups boiling water

Honey (if you prefer a sweeter tasting tea)


Bring the water to boiling in a teapot or small saucepan, then remove from heat.

You can use a tea ball to secure the lavender or you can simply add the lavender to the water.

Cover the pot or saucepan to keep in all the steamy goodness and allow to steep for around 10 minutes.  

Add honey if you prefer a sweeter tasting tea.

Everyone’s tastes differ, so you can use this as a rough guide and tweak to find the taste that you prefer.


If you only want to make one cup of tea, then you can make it directly in your tea cup, reduce the amount of lavender to 1-2 tbsp’s of lavender, fill the cup with boiling water and cover with a saucer for 10-15 minutes. 

Add 1 tsp of camomile buds for a totally relaxing, warming tea.

You can also make extra and chill which makes for a refreshing, calming drink, especially in the summer months. 

NB: The use of essential lavender oil in favour of fresh or dried lavender is a no go. It is not recommended at all to ingest essential lavender oil as it is far more concentrated.    

As with any of my recipes or advice tips please always consult your doctor if you are worried about consuming any ingredients or applying any techniques.  If you have an allergy to lavender do not consume this tea. If you are pregnant, please consult a medical practitioner before consuming lavender tea.

Have a wonderful, relaxing day x

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