Has Fibro Taken Over Your Life? Part 1 Your Thoughts.

How did you feel the moment your doctor diagnosed you with fibromyalgia? 

Did he tell you there is no cure & no definitive treatment? 

How did you feel?

Out of control?  Helpless?

The diagnosis of a chronic illness such as fibro, can have a hypnotic effect, creating a feeling of helplessness.  Helplessness is the last place you want to be!

I remember crying until my cheeks stung. I felt my life was over, I would never feel happy or well again. 

Fibromyalgia in itself can feel as though it’s moved in and taken over your life, you are no longer in control; broken plans, never knowing how you are going to feel at any given moment,  dreams and goals shattered because, well where’s the stamina, energy or focus to follow through on even the smallest of things. So why set any goals? What’s the point?’

The point is ‘It Is Your Life.’ 

Life may well change, I know mine has.  I had to plummet to rock bottom before crawling my way back up the fibro slope. I felt I had lost control over every part of my life which left me helpless. Once I realised that ‘I was not my illness’ and I was still in control and could make choices (no matter how small) my life flourished. Yes my life is different now but wonderful.  

The important thing to remember is ‘You do have control!’ Once you take back control you can start to regain the quality of your life!  

You are not your illness!  You are a unique, wonderful, amazing person whose life is worth living to the fullest!

The key is Your commitment to your own health!

Now I am not saying don’t see your doctor or medical team, but I am saying you may well underestimate the influence you have over your own health and well-being.  Sometimes the resources we have within us to make a change get a little buried but it’s time to uncover them. 

Time to Take Control!

When I started writing, I had planned for this to be a single post, but it’s turned into sequels!  Exciting isn’t it…there is so much you can do to take control and feel the flair of life again! 

Let’s start with your mind!

The ‘Placebo’ the most tested medication in history, the results are incredible. What caused the healing?  The mind! 

First things first, you may think I am saying fibromyalgia is ‘all in the mind’ I am definitely not. I do live with fibro and know how frustrating it is when people including doctors have this opinion.  What I am saying is we have a choice and control over how we use our mind to fuel health and well-being. 

One of the first and most powerful factors that you have influence over is…

Your Thoughts

They are YOUR thoughts you can control them. I know, it’s easy to get swept away with the barrage of thoughts running through your mind and the mind tends to focus on negatives.  If you have ten great things happen and one bad thing happen in a day, what do you focus on? You’ve got it…the bad one. You have the power to choose your thoughts and the way in which you react to them.

Thoughtful Exercise No. 1

Sit quietly for a moment and pay attention to the thoughts you are having. 

Are they negative or positive? 

Are they focusing on the past or future?

Don’t stop them just let them pass.

Are they logical or illogical? 

If you are worrying about something, can you do anything about it?

If not, then let the thought just pass.

If you can, what is the most positive thing you can do?

You can also write your thoughts down. Seeing your thoughts in black and white can help you to see weather they are logical, or illogical and a way in which you can solve something you are thinking about if it is troubling you. 

Have you ever watched the white fluffy clouds drift by?  That’s exactly the way to deal with thoughts.  Ignoring negative thoughts is futile, they will just keep showing up until you acknowledge them and let them pass.  Becoming frustrated with thoughts will only serve to fuel symptoms and ill health so again, just let them pass.

Your thoughts negative or positive, have a huge impact on how you feel and your symptoms. Notice the way in which your physiology changes when you are thinking a particular thought.  

Thoughtful Exercise No. 2

Take some time, just a few moments, to think about things that make you really happy, things that make you smile. I’m sure you have a memory that was so funny you couldn’t stop laughing.  Close your eyes, see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt.

How do you feel?  

You are in control of your thoughts so have them work for you!

Don’t miss next week’s tips for taking back your life!

Do you have any top tips for getting thoughts to work for you? Please do share them with us and comment below.

Have a wonderful day xxx


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