Get more of the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ into your life.

I had no idea just how debilitating it could be to become Vitamin D deficient as the symptoms overlap fibromyalgia symptoms…causing what felt like a severe flare.

So how do you make sure you are getting lots of the sunshine vitamin every day?

In The Sun!

At last, the clocks have gone forward and we’re heading towards summer (should I tempt fate here or stay quiet), there will be more chance of catching some sun! This is exactly why Vitamin D is known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin.’

The most effective way of getting Vitamin D is for it to be absorbed through your skin…so roll up those sleeves!  By spending just 20 to 25 minutes in the sun will meet your daily amount of Vitamin D (depending on where you live in the world).

Get The Maximum Amount of Vit D In Your Diet!

Vitamin D is oil soluble, which means it should be taken with foods that contain fat to allow your body to effectively absorb it.

What Foods Contain Vitamin D?


A word of caution: Never buy farmed fish, they are full of toxins that you definitely want to avoid. 


Rainbow trout fillet

Tilapia fillet





Portobellos mushrooms

Chestnut mushrooms (mushrooms are considered ‘damp’ food and can cause problems for people with fibro so please if they do cause a trigger for a flare with you, avoid them).

Did you know mushrooms work in a similar way to our bodies, they create vitamin D from sunlight.  If you place the mushrooms in the sun for around 20-25 minutes, it will boost the mushrooms Vitamin D levels.

Fortified milk (I have given up all dairy products so I use almond, coconut and oat milk. I found that diary products would trigger a flare)

Fortified tofu

Fortified yogurt (including non-diary)

Fortified breakfast cereals,

Fortified orange juice (watch the acid)

Eggs (organic only)

Before you buy foods fortified with Vitamin D, check to see how much they do contain.

Another way to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D especially through those long winter months is to take a supplement.  Make sure you find a great quality supplement as there are so many on the market that are so cheaply made, they are not worth the money you pay for them.

Have a wonderful day xxx


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