Fresh Air Gave Me The ‘Umph’ I Needed!

Monday morning arrived, dark, freezing and well… you know Monday morning. I should invest in a gong to wake the boys up, far less work for me. What a weekend it’s been, you know, the kids pent up inside because it’s too cold to venture out (for teenage boys). The noise levels elevating my fibro symptoms especially my fingers, toes and back. Fog started to set in by Sunday afternoon (I sound like a weather report) leaving me feeling dull and…I think ‘rusty’ is a good word.

Off with the rusty and dull…time to do things differently.   I mainly work from home as an NLP coaching/therapist, using Skype or Zoom to work with my clients. Wherever possible, I do encourage my clients to go outside even if it’s in their garden or street, to ‘belly breathe’ the fresh air. I have to put my hands up and say, ‘I haven’t been listening to my own advice, I’ve been hibernating’.

During the last flare I had (this time last year), I was worried to go out for several reasons: my ability to walk was very limited, I felt embarrassed by my inability to remember words in sentences and I was in so much pain I isolated myself at home.  Anxiety crept back in. Anxiety is a sneaky bugger and will seep in through the smallest gap.

After dropping the boys off, I headed to a café surrounded by trees, plants and people (fairly quite people I have to add), to write this post.  I am more inspired, have a clearer mind, and feel energized, it gave me the ‘Umph’ I needed to be positive and happy in turn my pain levels went down. The other added bonus was, I wasn’t being interrupted every two seconds, by a couple of teenage sons asking, ‘where is the soap’, ‘where are my socks’ and all the other things that go missing on a daily basis.

It’s easy to forget, especially during the winter months when it’s far easier to hibernate, the importance of spending time outside.  I know that for some (I am one of them), the cold temperatures, can heighten symptoms, so before venturing out I find layering looser fitting clothes keeps me snuggly warm and comfortable. 

What are the benefits of spending time outside?

I understand that it can be the last thing you want to do, especially if your symptoms are going through the roof, but for a short time, just keep the benefits in mind and step out. Xx

I would love to know where your favourite outside place is, let us know by leaving a message below.

Have a wonderful, fresh day.

Lynne xx

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