Flare Up’s – What Can You Do?

Phew…it’s been sweltering here in England for the last few days, we’ve gone from cool and raining to…what can I say…I’m melting. Changes in the climate can cause fibromyalgia flares. 

Why?  Who knows like the condition itself, it remains a mystery. 

In the meantime, knowing what can help you during a flare is key to making your symptoms a little more manageable. 

I was curious what other people living with fibromyalgia use to help them during flares and here’s what I found after asking them…

  • Ask for help.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts, are they negative or positive?
  • Keep an ‘I love list’ to lift your spirits.
  • Keep a ‘flare box’, containing all the things that you need or want during a flare, they are all in one place which saves you the time and stress hunting around for different things.
  • Watching something funny and laughing.
  • Be compassionate to yourself (we tend to treat ourselves far harsher than we would would others). Don’t become frustrated as this will send your symptoms sky high.
  • Essential oils.
  • Fresh air / spending time in nature.
  • Mindfulness techniques.
  • Distraction techniques.
  • Heat / Ice
  • Do something that you love, it could be walking the dog if you have one.
  • Exercise – remember you know yourself better than anyone, only do what you can manage.
  • Pacing yourself and your activities during the day.
  • Massage.
  • Things that don’t matter so much – don’t get done (everything will wait for you).
  • If you take medication, see you doctor to either raise or lower your dose.
  • Magnesium baths / creams or sprays.
  • Short periods of rest say 10 to 20 minutes when needed and complete rest, no phone, computer, laptop or T.V.
  • Hydration, lots of filtered water especially in the heat.

What works for some doesn’t work for others but I hope there will be a few things here that will help you xx

What strategies have you found work for you?  We would love you to share them with us…you never know you might help someone ease the fibro flare xx Please do comment below.

Have a wonderful day xx  

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