Fibro What?

Had you heard of Fibromyalgia before you were diagnosed? Did you google your symptoms after test after test coming back fine? Think you were going a little crazy?

It was a cold October morning when I visited my G.P. yet again, riddled with cramp that made it almost impossible to walk. I was in tears by the time I reached reception, feeling so frustrated and in so much pain. This was around the 12th visit in as many weeks.

My G.P. looked at me and told me he thought it was time to think out of the box and had I ever heard of fibromyalgia? ‘Fibro…what?’ Was my reply. I had never heard of this fibro thing. He gave me a fact sheet and booked me into Guys Hospital in London. Fibromyalgia diagnosis was delayed due to another diagnosis of Hypothyroidism (do the two go together, I wonder? It seems many people have both.) My visit to Guys confirmed it…after years of mysterious, insidious symptoms and answerless tests, coupled with me thinking I was totally losing the plot.

The diagnosis invoked a mixed bunch of feelings, my first reaction was relief because I finally knew I wasn’t going crazy and I wasn’t a hypochondriac (as some doctors had suggested, one of them putting all my symptoms down to constipation 😊…unbelievable) not wanting to be negative, I have to give a huge shout out to all the doctors that were totally amazing, my G.P included. That night however was a little different. I could feel the tears welling up and I hurriedly got my sons to bed so they didn’t see the impending flood. I closed my door and the tears flowed as the realisation hit me…fibromyalgia is forever, no tablet to cure this one, no definitive treatment. At that moment, I felt utterly lost.

Tears evolved to anger followed by a numb nothingness.
Well there were two choices; either stay in the fibro abyss or research as much as I could to self-help and live the best life that I could. The second was the conclusion, not to say that there haven’t been moments when I’d like nothing more than to throw the towel in, especially this year. I certainly have had my share of temper tantrums and low points and I know there will be more of these, but so many stories of others living with fibromyalgia, and their strength and courage have inspired me. My daughter and sons inspire me (as well as drive me bonkers). There is too much ‘awesome’ out there waiting to be experienced. Fibro might cause interruptions, but it won’t stop me!

Get in touch, I would love to connect and hear your story.

Have a wonderful day xxx

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