Do Environmental Factors Make A Difference To Fibro Symptoms?

How much do you believe the environment around you affects the severity of your symptoms ?

In August this year, we went on holiday for a week to Cornwall,  a place I’ve wanted to visit again for years.

At first, I didn’t notice, I am not sure how, but I had no symptoms at all. No pain, for the first time in years. I had energy, no fibro-fog absolutely nothing at all.
We were on holiday and away from home so less stress, which friends suggested and I accept that. However,  we were busier than ever, packing in as much site seeing and activities as possible. Often several activities in one day, so I didn’t stop from morning until night.

The weather wasn’t conducive to fewer symptoms either. Only one of the days was sunny and hot.  The rest of the time was  a mixture of rain, wind and cool temperature, which would normally cause my symptoms to spike.

We were late for an excursion, so I rushed from one end of St. Ives to another, taking around 25 minutes and still no symptoms.  What’s even more amazing, I HAD the ENERGY to do this.

I truly believe that it was the sea air and fresh air of the country that alleviated my symptoms. We stayed a couple of minutes walk from the beach and were never more than 20 minutes away from the sea at any time.
The only way I can describe it was, ‘it was as though I had been given my life back.’ Feeling no pain, no fatigue, no fibro fog reminded me of my life before fibro and I really can’t put into words my emotions.

The last thing I wanted to do was leave, but it was time to come home. I ducked into the bathroom as I didn’t want my sons to see me crying at the thought of leaving (Cornwall absolutely felt like home). I wanted every moment of the holiday to be wonderful for them and not connect the memory to mum crying.

Once we returned home the symptoms returned. I didn’t even think about what could happen when I returned home as there is the possibility of going into remission and maybe with time away, that could have happened. If I had thought deeper into the symptoms returning it could also have been psychosomatic.

Have you ever experienced this? If so, I would love to know where you were at the time.

Have a wonderful day x

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