Enough is Enough!

This post is going to be the exception to the rule as I created this blog to be a positive, relaxing space BUT I feel enough is enough and something should be said to the people who promote their products through the words, ‘This will cure Fibromyalgia.’

In my experience, certain social media sites are the worst for receiving messages like this. I have received numerous messages claiming, ‘this, that and the other product’ cures fibromyalgia. 

Ok, I’m going to give those particular sales people the benefit of the doubt and say, maybe you do have the well-being of people living with chronic conditions at heart BUT you have to know, there is NO cure for fibro and many other conditions and marketing a product in this way, is not only entirely misleading but also cruel. 

Living life with a chronic condition can be frustrating, exhausting, extremely painful and depressing.  There are many ways to self-help but sometimes the chronic symptoms can lead to desperation and we will try anything to see if it helps.

By saying your product cures fibromyalgia, you are giving some people a cruel, false sense of hope and frustrating the hell out of the rest of us.  Remember how powerful word of mouth marketing is and if it’s negative, surely it’s not something you want to be associated with.  Word does spread fast, it’s a small world. If you are in a natural health business, it is also against compliance to make any such claims and you can be reported and prosecuted. 

So, before you think about promoting a product to make money on the hopes and desperation of others, or you haven’t even thought about how people living with a chronic condition really feel, step back and think…how you would feel if you were in their shoes?

If you have had client’s that have derived benefits from your product that’s great and it’s always worth letting people know and perhaps show a testimonial. But also remember that what works for one person with fibromyalgia, may not work for another.  Most of all remember…’There is no cure for fibromyalgia.’

We’d love to hear from you. Have you ever received these types of messages? If so, how did you deal with them?

Have a wonderful day x

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