Ease Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms with the Anchoring Technique

My Experience of Anchoring

To say I was sceptical when I first came across this technique is an understatement! My critical mind screamed out, ‘This will never work.’ I was asked to give my critical mind a break and suspend it just for a while. After all, if it had worked for so many, why was I so sure that it wouldn’t work for me? So, I sent my critical mind packing, just for a short time, to allow myself to see what affect Anchoring could have.

This very simple NLP technique is just one of the reasons that I became a practitioner. I use it consistently to improve my mood and to reduce my pain levels.

Have you heard of Anchoring?

You may never have heard the term ‘Anchoring’ but have a look at the examples below and you will understand exactly how anchoring has been a part of your life without you consciously realising what was happening.

For example:
Think about the smell of a pine tree…what does this smell conjure in your mind? Could it be an image of Christmas?
Look at a particular photo, perhaps a holiday photo. Immediately, your mind takes you back to that wonderful, happy experience.

What is an Anchor?

Below are a few common examples of anchors.

Visual anchors: logos, facial expressions, the weather, celebrities, religious symbols, gestures, stop signs, photographs.

Auditory anchors: Words, voice tonality, church bells, accents, the sound of a familiar voice, yawns, the sound of the sea, engine sounds.

Kinaesthetic anchors: Clothing, a certain kind of touch, a warm or cold environment, exercise.

Olfactory (smell): The smell of a chip shop, newly mown grass, the smell of baking bread, coffee, smoke, hospitals, school, the smell of the sea.
Gustatory (taste): Vinegar, chocolate, medicine, garlic, lemon.

How Can Anchoring Help You Manage Your Emotions and Symptoms?

Anchoring is extremely useful as it can assist you in gaining access to past resource states such as, health, happiness, vitality and link those past resources to the present and the future.

Definition: ‘Any time a person is in an associated, intense state, if at the peak of that experience, a specific stimulus is applied, then the two will be linked neurologically.’ – Tad James

How to Anchor.

The best time to anchor a state is when it is actually happening. Now you know about consciously using anchors you can start to implement them. The next best option is to relive a vivid memory of a time when you were full of vitality, healthy and happy. You can even create this imagery in your mind if you can’t access a memory.

Find a relaxing, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax.
Can you recall a time when you were really healthy, full of vitality and energy, laughing and full of happiness?

Can you recall a specific event in your life?

Now, go back to that time, float down into your body, be present in that memory.
See what you saw
Hear what you heard
If you could smell a certain smell, smell it now
If there is a taste associated with this happy, healthy memory, taste it

Make the colours brighter, the sounds clearer, the smell and the taste stronger. Recreate a bright, vivid imagine in your mind.

Turn up the intensity of the happy, healthy experience make it so intense you are truly reliving the experience.

Once the memory is so vivid that you are actually there feeling exactly what you felt, we are going to use a very simple kinaesthetic anchor.

Gently touch your thumb and your index finger together. Now let them part gently.

Then test the anchor by simply touching your thumb against your index finger.
What do you feel?

Repeat this exercise a few times to get the full strength of the anchor.

You have now anchored the feeling of health, vitality and happiness to that simple thumb and index finger touch. You can use this anchor at any time to access the positive, healthy feelings, even if you are outside.

Want to access other states such as confidence or happiness? You can use the technique of anchoring for any state that you want to access by using this technique anytime.

I hope you have found this post extremely useful and continue to use it daily.
Please share this post with anyone you feel will gain benefits from this technique.

If you would like to have a chat about how NLP and Mindfulness can help you alleviate your symptoms please do get in touch.

Have a wonderful, healthy day xxx

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