Dreading Your Monthly Visitor?

Well read on, this may help ease the dreaded PMS and period pains…

I remember dragging myself to the doctor, exhausted, pain levels through the roof, and asking, ‘Is there a link between period pain and fibromyalgia?’  My doctor replied, ‘No, not that I’ve heard of.’

Now time has shown that when random symptoms have raised their head, and each one has been connected to fibro, my doctor has never heard of a connection between the symptoms and fibro.  I think it would be a far better approach for the doctor to simply say, ‘I don’t know or haven’t researched it’ rather than saying ‘no’.

Now I am not suggesting for one minute that you don’t consult your doctor if new symptoms appear or if you are worried about existing ones, you definitely should, but I am strongly suggesting doing some extra research of your own. 

I was referred to the hospital for tests because the symptoms I was experiencing alongside the usual PMS pain, were increasing each month. Fibro symptoms spiked around three to four days before my period, leaving me in severe pain and so exhausted I could barely move. My period itself would be extremely heavy and painful.  The hospital tests revealed, ‘Absolutely Nothing Wrong.’ Which was great news and I was relieved to hear it. However, I realised at this point, there was definitely a connection between PMS my period and fibromyalgia. I set out to look for as many self-help techniques as possible as I couldn’t face knowing that for at least a few days every month, I would be completely debilitated.

Here’s one of a few that I found and use regularly to relieve my fibro symptoms and period pain and what’s even better is…It Works!


Once I had done a fair amount of research, magnesium jumped out at me as being a likely reason as to why my fibromyalgia symptoms kick in so strongly each month.  Could there be a link between magnesium deficiency and spiking fibro symptoms around the time of my period? It is well known that people living with fibro often have a magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is one of the most prominent minerals our bodies needed to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, alleviate stress and relaxing muscles. 

Magnesium plays a key roll in the menstrual cycle and hormone levels and if you are deficient it can trigger PMS. The changing hormones can also affect magnesium levels within our body, especially when progesterone and estrogen levels are high magnesium levels can decrease. So women, even without fibro, are more prone to magnesium deficiency than men. It is also the case that when progesterone and estrogen levels are high magnesium levels can decrease.

If it is the case that we are already living with a magnesium deficiency and then our magnesium levels fall again around the time of our monthly visitor, it stands to reason why fibromyalgia symptoms along with the added symptoms of magnesium deficiency can be debilitating.

Other signs of magnesium deficiency that are related to the menstrual cycle:

  • Premenstrual mood swings and depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Breast pain and tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Craving sugar

How to get more magnesium

Ensure you are eating magnesium rich foods  every day, increasing the amount before, during and after your period.

You can also use relaxing, calming magnesium bath soak as magnesium is absorbed through the skin which is the most effective way to boost your magnesium levels. I have tried several different brands of magnesium bath soaks, but I found BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes on Amazon is one of my favourites.

Magnesium topical creams have also proven very effective in increasing magnesium levels as again, they are absorbed through the skin.

You could also consider taking a supplement. Make sure you find a reputable one as many of the supplements available are just not worth the money you pay for them. 

Please do remember if you are worried about any of your symptoms or taking magnesium in any form, please do check with your doctor.

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Have a wonderful day xx

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