Do Your Beliefs Empower you or Disempower you?

Are all the beliefs we hold true? 

Not necessarily, but they are our guiding principles and we act upon them ‘as if’ they are. 

How easy is it to take on someone else’s beliefs without even realising it?  With fibromyalgia…very easy. 

Here’s what happened to me;

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was told by my doctor, ‘There is no cure, no definitive treatment.’  I left believing him and feeling totally helpless and lost. After the initial fear and upset (I could have kept the tissue companies in profit from the amount of tears I shed), I got on with life as best I could.  There were times when I was happy although in pain, but the feeling of helplessness lingered. 

Fibro did its stuff and life took a nose-dive to the point where I couldn’t imagine carrying on the way I was, not walking, pain soaring, not being able to think clearly and my memory well…what memory? 

In desperation, I dragged myself to my doctor once again.  ‘How can I help y…’ he was cut mid-sentence by an exasperated me, bursting into tears.  I explained what was happening and how did he reply? ‘I’m sorry life is so hard.’

My jaw dropped, ‘That’s it, that’s all you’ve got for me?’

My doctor had just loaded me with his subjective belief and reinforced mine, that my life was so hard.

I opened the door of my home and practically collapsed into the hall, I was almost hysterical as the belief that I was going to be in this much pain & fog forever without a cure or a treatment, was destroying me…it was unimaginable!

I’d hit rock bottom…there’s only one way to go…UP!

I searched through, of all things, Youtube to find something…anything! I stumbled upon a video of beliefs in NLP and that is where my path and NLP crossed again.

My beliefs and beliefs I’d taken on board from others were denying me any chance of feeling better.  Well what’s the point of even trying to make life better when you believe there is no treatment and no cure and life is just going to stay this hard…it’s just lost energy and I have none left to lose.

The beliefs you hold can empower you or disempower you, and this is what I had to change.  My beliefs were completely disempowering me. 

I searched in my mind for times, after diagnosis, that I was happy, laughing and enjoying life. So, the belief that, ‘life was always going to be this hard,’ was a generalisation and a presupposition that what I was experiencing ‘at this time’ was going to carry on forever, which was not necessarily true.  One down some to go!

‘There is no definitive treatment and no cure,’ was someone else’s belief I was holding.  Ok well maybe there is no cure right now, but whose to say it’s not around the corner.  As for treatment, perhaps not from conventional medicine.  I’d just grown up with the belief that, ‘If I’m sick, I go to the doctor and he gives me medicine and ‘hey presto’ I’m better.  This belief just didn’t hold true this time and needed shifting. 

Conventional medicine is not the be all and end all, there were plenty of people that had found a holistic approach to fibro had help them hugely…if it worked for them, why not me?  This change in belief allowed me to open my mind and search for more strategies that could help me…and that has completely changed my life. 

Life changes and we grow in experience, the same is true for our beliefs they shift and change with our experience.  The important thing to think about is, ‘Are your beliefs empowering you or disempower you?’

Have a wonderful day xx

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