Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

It is a common belief that the onset of fibromyalgia is due to a combination of conditions, physical or mental trauma being part of those conditions. The way in which we treat our body, for example, exercise, rest, nutrition, is not the only consideration when working to alleviate fibro symptoms. How we treat our minds, what we say to ourselves, how we deal with anxiety, stress and worry is extremely important in the healing process.

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How to Preserve Physical and Mental Energy.


Energy! Now there’s a million-dollar word.
I was never sure where my energy came from, I just took it for granted, as we do many things in life. My daily life consisted of working, housework, running around after 6 children, I would be on my feet from dawn till dusk plus some. Then after the boys went to bed would exercise for at least 30 minutes each night.

Then fibromyalgia set in…

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