Can Lavender Help Alleviate Fibro Symptoms?

I just loooove Lavender (as you can see from the home page of my blog). Lavender is super versatile and can be used for an array of medicinal benefits as well as giving your home a heavenly aroma everyone will love (if it gets rid of the odur of smelly teenage boys, it can do anything!). Have you thought of including lavender in your food? There are so many recipes that include lavender, I will set to work and find lots to post on my blog, they are definitely not to be missed.  

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Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

It is a common belief that the onset of fibromyalgia is due to a combination of conditions, physical or mental trauma being part of those conditions. The way in which we treat our body, for example, exercise, rest, nutrition, is not the only consideration when working to alleviate fibro symptoms. How we treat our minds, what we say to ourselves, how we deal with anxiety, stress and worry is extremely important in the healing process.

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