Chickpea, Red Pepper & Coriander Burgers

For once, I actually cooked something that ALL yes ALL my children loved.  These burgers are so versatile and super healthy and ‘the icing on the cake’, or should I say ‘the sauce on the burger’, is they are very economical and simple to make, you can even make more and freeze them. Instead of reaching for anything when you are hungry and tired,  or during the busier week, you know you have something healthy to quickly cook up.

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Loaded Lemons!

I was introduced to drinking lemon water by my mindfulness coach a couple of years ago, when I was struggling to stop drinking tea and coffee. Ever since I have drunk it religiously. I was advised to drink it warm rather than hot or cold, first thing in the morning, for the best detox affects. And without going into too much detail, I did find myself in the toilet more often after drinking warm lemon water.

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