What is Mindfulness?

It’s early morning and the boys are still fast asleep.  All is quiet except my mind which is noisier than ever! I sit and drink my lemon water and think about the myriad of things I have to do today.  I can feel overwhelm sidle up to me and creep in, followed by fatigue. Then I start to feel how the pain seeps into my thighs and calf’s and ankles.  My fingers and toes hurt, my legs are stiff and I haven’t even started the day yet. What a way to start a new fresh day! 

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Love Yourself

Being totally honest with myself was one thing but being brutally critical was another. For a long time, I felt inadequate, I hated what was happening to my life, I felt as though life was being drained from me day by day. Wanting to do so many things, especially with my children, and just not being able to. My energy or lack of, continuously putting a halt to plans I had made. The pain I felt because there were times, I couldn’t even hug my children, it was just too painful.

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