Calcium Rich Veggies.

Having said goodbye to dairy products after finding that they had a huge impact on my symptoms, especially my stomach, I was concerned about how exactly I would manage my calcium intake. I didn’t want to rely simply on supplements so I went in search for the top calcium rich veggies (I am also vegetarian).
So here they are Ta-Dah…

Spinach – is super high in calcium although word of warning I was using raw spinach in salads and juices, without knowing that it can have an impact on your thyroid if you suffer with hypothyroidism as I do, just make sure you steam it or cook it slightly before eating.

Broccoli – This versatile veg, from the cabbage family, can be used in almost anything. It’s a great source of calcium. Again, I would suggest the above, that you steam or cook it slightly before consuming.

Okra – Otherwise known as, ‘ladies fingers’. I first bumped into this interesting veg in an Egyptian stew and have used it since, in my own veggie stews…tasty to say the least.

Kale – is a fab source of calcium (my guinea pigs love it too), containing over 45 different flavonoids it’s a great veg for antioxidant benefits.
Spring Onions – I was surprised to find spring onions are high in calcium, but have to say very happy, delicious in salads and so many other dishes.
Watercress – Fab in salads with their slightly peppery taste and a good source of calcium.

Kelp – is one of the most calcium rich veggies.

Celery – another very versatile veggie, yummy in salads, soups, Bolognese, chilli and so many other dishes or just to snack on. Tt’s a good source of calcium.

Enjoy 😊

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