Does the Weather Impact Your Fibro Symptoms?

Does the Weather Impact Your Fibro Symptoms?

I would have to say that weather is definitely a trigger for my fibro symptoms.
October kicks in the change, and it is a very definite change, my pain is worse and more widespread as well as fibro fog stealing a good part of the day.

Despite this year having shown a change in as much as when March came round my symptoms didn’t improve as much as they usually would, there is still a noticeable dip in October. I use far more self-help techniques from October onwards, just to get through the day.

I was reading, with interest Dr. Bossema’s study. He collected together 333 female patients to take part in a study of how weather affects, if at all, symptoms of fibro.
He concluded, that only 10% showed signs of their symptoms being affected by climate changes. Therefore, climate change is not a factor in changing symptoms in fibromyalgia.

Honestly, I find this very hard to believe as all the people I know with fibromyalgia, notice changes in their symptoms which clearly appears to be triggered by the changing climate. Some are affected by the heat and humidity of the summer finding their symptoms are easier in the winter and visa versa feeling more severe symptoms in the damper, colder winter months, and easier in the summer.

I would love to know your experiences. Please do leave a comment below or send me a message.

Have a wonderful Saturday xx

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