Fibro Symptoms Are Not Affected by the Weather…What do you say?

Change in climate is not a factor impacting on fibromyalgia symptoms according to one doctors study…

I was reading a study by Dr Bossema,  who collected 333 female fibromyalgia patients together to see how, if at all, the weather affects fibro symptoms.  His conclusion was that only 10% of patients showed signs of their symptoms being affected by climate changes.  Therefore, climate change is not a factor impacting the symptoms of fibro.

I completely disagree with this conclusion!


All the people I know that are living with fibromyalgia notice significant changes  in their symptoms which clearly appears to be triggered by a change in  climate. Some are affected by  heat and humidity in the summer finding their symptoms are easier in the winter and visa versa feeling more severe symptoms in the damper, colder winter months, and easier in the summer.

My Own Experience

October…aghghgh! Every year it’s the same pattern. As soon as the weather changes and becomes damper and cooler, my symptoms dip (before learning so many self-help techniques, they plummeted). There is a very definite change in my pain levels as well as fibro fog stealing a good part of the day.

I definitely use far more self-help techniques during the cold winter months and have to accept that some days it’s just time to step back a little and give myself time to rest.

There seems to be so little research into this subject despite so many people claiming that they do notice a difference.

I would love to know your experiences. Please do leave a comment below or send me a message.

Have a wonderful Saturday xx

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