Fresh Air Gave Me The ‘Umph’ I Needed!

Monday morning arrived, dark, freezing and well… you know Monday morning. I should invest in a gong to wake the boys up, far less work for me. What a weekend it’s been, you know, the kids pent up inside because it’s too cold to venture out (for teenage boys). The noise levels elevating my fibro symptoms especially my fingers, toes and back. Fog started to set in by Sunday afternoon (I sound like a weather report) leaving me feeling dull and…I think ‘rusty’ is a good word.

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Chickpea, Red Pepper & Coriander Burgers

For once, I actually cooked something that ALL yes ALL my children loved.  These burgers are so versatile and super healthy and ‘the icing on the cake’, or should I say ‘the sauce on the burger’, is they are very economical and simple to make, you can even make more and freeze them. Instead of reaching for anything when you are hungry and tired,  or during the busier week, you know you have something healthy to quickly cook up.

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I Let It Slip.

After 2 ½ hours sleep last night, I can safely say, a bear with a sore head had nothing on me this morning. My alarm broke the silence and my, at last restful sleep, like a siren blasting onto my ear drums.  I wanted to hit the snooze button, but I haven’t done that for a long time and what’s an extra ten minutes going to achieve?

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