Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

Focus On Your Mind-Body Connection.

It is a common belief that the onset of fibromyalgia is due to a combination of conditions, physical or mental trauma being part of those conditions. The way in which we treat our body, for example, exercise, rest, nutrition, is not the only consideration when working to alleviate fibro symptoms. How we treat our minds, what we say to ourselves, how we deal with anxiety, stress and worry is extremely important in the healing process.

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Loaded Lemons!

I was introduced to drinking lemon water by my mindfulness coach a couple of years ago, when I was struggling to stop drinking tea and coffee. Ever since I have drunk it religiously. I was advised to drink it warm rather than hot or cold, first thing in the morning, for the best detox affects. And without going into too much detail, I did find myself in the toilet more often after drinking warm lemon water.

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